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Arizona Air Conditioning and Heating

Brewers Air Conditioning & Heating


Serving Phoenix, AZ Since 1982

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Serving Phoenix, AZ Since 1982


Reliable Commercial HVAC Contractors Service.

We take care of the commercial air conditioning and heating needs of all kinds of commercial businesses, schools and government buildings across Arizona. From small businesses to huge warehouses, we've been serving the heating and cooling needs of the commercial sector for 30 years.

Brewer’s Air Conditioning & Heating provide excellent service to our valued clients. That means no matter what the situation we are there when the system needs repair to ensure.

• Employees are comfortable when your doors open
• Repairs are made before property damage occurs
• Guests are spared an uncomfortable visit Proactive HVAC Maintenance & Replacement

Planning Ahead Is Our Specialty

Our mission is to do "Whatever It Takes" to provide the best possible commercial HVAC service through our comprehensive preventative maintenance program. This leading program provides our commercial clients with lower operating costs and reduced service calls, all while helping to extend the life of the HVAC equipment. It's a worry-free planned HVAC maintenance program that ensures the heating and cooling in your business or institution is always reliable and energy-efficient. Call us now for more information on our HVAC service and maintenance for your business.

Our company is centered on making our client's lives easy and worry-free.
Brewer's Air Conditioning & Heating Energy Savings Agreement clients enjoy:

• HVAC parts and repairs at all times
• Multi-unit discounts
• No overtime charges, EVER
• Lower utility bills
• Filter changes
• Seasonal visits
• Coil cleanings
• Condensate line cleanings

Safety First

Brewer's Air Conditioning & Heating technicians are specifically trained to avoid hazardous situations. We are licensed HVAC contactors & it is our policy to follow OSHA safety standards. Routine safety checks are performed on an ongoing basis, and our NATE-certified technicians are required to take advanced training courses in a variety of safety areas, including:

• Ladder and electrical safety
• Safe chemical handling
• Protective equipment
• Property protection


With over 30 years of experience, we're experts at installing commercial heating, air conditioning and refrigeration units. There's rarely a challenge we can't solve.

Whether you're replacing broken equipment or installing new, we can help you select the right product. After taking your particular needs into account, we can determine the tonnage, SEER, system and brand that's the right fit for you.

And when it comes to installation, we have the expertise and personal service to make it a smooth experience.