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Arizona Air Conditioning and Heating

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Serving Phoenix, AZ Since 1982

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Serving Phoenix, AZ Since 1982


Brewer's Arizona Air Conditioning & Heating Maintenance

16 Point Precision Tune Up: $69.00

• Check and record refrigerant charge.
• Inspect seal on plenum/roof elbow.
• Inspect contactor for wear.
• Inspect condensate drain line for proper drainage.
• Inspect exposed duct work for leaks and proper insulation.
• Check and calibrate thermostat as required.
• Inspect blower wheel for cleanliness.
• Oil motors where required.
• Inspect fuses and electrical disconnect.
• Tighten electrical connections.
• Inspect air temperature difference.
• Inspect crankcase heater.
• Check voltage/amperage on unit.
• Controls and safeties will be tested as needed.
• Inspect and rinse outside coil.
• Provide written evaluation of system and advice or any necessary repairs.

Energy Savings Agreement: $199.00 1st unit,
$189.00 2nd unit and,
$179.00 per additional units

Benefits of Peak Performance Energy Savings Agreement (ESA)

Includes everything above plus...
• Precision tune ups twice a year
• Inspect and clean condenser coil
• Inspect and clean evaporator coil*
• Inspect and clean condensate drain line and pan • 15% discount on all service repairs parts and labor
• Free refrigerant 1st pound R22 or 410A
• Service within 24hrs**
• No service fee for time of breakdown
• Preferred customer you will be top priority during peak demand.
• Lower utility bills with properly maintained unit.
• Improved indoor comfort level clean coils and proper refrigerant charge result in better cooling.
• Longer equipment life and dependability with regular maintenance.
• Improved indoor air quality with clean coils, condensate drain pans help eliminate odors caused by bacteria and fungus growth.
• Peace of mind remedy potential problems before they become inconvenient and costly.

* Additional charge if not accessible
** If 24hrs falls on an afterhours day or time additional charge applies